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Fully Managed JEA Website

If you are an estate agent and do not have the computer skills or time to manage your own website we can provide a fully hosted and supported JEA based websites, using one of our templates for only €250 per year.

Our fully managed solution includes

  • Hosting on our servers.
  • Installation of Jea Website including one of our templates.
  • Subscription to portalblast to allow easy upload to portals.
  • Support if you have any problems with the website.

If you are interested in this service contact us for further details


Additional Languages 

Additional languages can be added for €50 each language. Current languages available are French, Russian, Romanian, Brazillian Portuguese, Italian, Greek and German.

Property Loading 

If you have an existing website, In most cases we can transfer your properties automatically for an additional €100. If you purchase multiple languages your properties can be loaded with machine translation (Using the microsoft translations service) for an additional €50 per language.