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Frequently asked questions about our modules and templates.


Can I install the modules on more than one domain?

Yes. The modules are licenced under GPL V3 and can be installed on as many domains as you require.

Can I install the templates on more than one domain?

No. The templates are based on commercial templates from Joomla51. When you purchase a template from us a licence fee is passed on to Joomla51. This allows you to install the template on one domain only. If you wish to install the template on more than one domain please contact us for your options.

Slider Gallery

How can I improve the quality of the photos?

The photos displayed in the slider gallery are the thumbnails generated by JEA. The thumbnails are used to reduce page load time. To increase the quality of the pictures you have two options, increase the resolution of the thumbnails, or use the original image rather than a thumbnail. 

The resolution of the thumbnails are set in the JEA options. To change the resolution, go to the JEA component manage properties page and click on the options icon. Select the pictures tab. The Medium Thumbnail sizes are the ones used by the slider. The size of the image displayed in the slider is width 491, height 344 so for optimum results the thumbnail size should be set to this.

If you would prefer to use the original images in the slider rather than the thumbnails you can edit the default_gallery.php file and change line 138 to

<a href="#" onclick="showPreview('<?php echo JURI::root().$currentImg->URL; ?>','<?php echo $x+1; ?>');return false"><img src="/<?php echo JURI::root().$thumbimg; ?>" height="<?php echo $filmlStripHeight; ?>" ></a>

How do I maintain the photos aspect ratio?

The photos are resized to fit in the window. If you wish to keep the aspect ratio of the photos you can edit the default_gallery.php and change lines 34 and 35 to

min-height:<?php if($show_caption) {echo $height-40;} else {echo $height-12;} ?>px;
min-width:<?php echo $width-$border_thickness-24; ?>px;



How do I change my contact details?

Your contact details are setup in the Joomla contacts component. Select the contacts component from the components menu in the backend. Edit the Jeastuff contact to match your own contact details.

How do I change the office location map?

The office location map is displayed using the zhgooglemap component. Select the zhgooglemap component from the components menu in the backend. Edit the Jea Stuff map to match your office location.