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About us

A little history as to how JEA stuff came about, and how I got involved with JEA. My name is Steve Grey and I have a degree in Computer Science from Loughborough University in the UK. After graduating I spent a couple of years working for a software house working on financial software in the city of London. I then became a contract software developer working for several years on a large project for Marconi Communication systems. I worked closely with customers from the major telecom service providors around the world including BT, Swiss telecom, South Africa Telcom and Portugal Telecom and spent time in their respective countries.

But when Marconi found itself in financial difficulties, I left the company to take a break from the rat race! Having spent quite a lot of time working in Portugal and loving the country and people I decided to go and live there for a while. Sorry to everyone in the UK but the Sun wins every time. I was not sure what I was going to do in Portugal when I left the UK but I became friends with a couple of real estate agents over here. To cut a long story short they asked if I could create them a website, and my life as a developer began again!

Open source package Open Realty  was used to develop sites for the two agents. After developing the sites for them I created a site for myself The Algarve Property Database which I still run today. I really must get round to moving it away from Open Realty on onto JEA! This site provided me with an income and allowed me to settle permenantly in Portugal. 

Uusing that site, introduced me to more real estate agents, who asked me to create more sites. That is when I discovered Joomla and JEA. Whilst developing these sites and working with the agents I noticed a few things that the agents wanted that were not available in JEA. Things such as Professional templates, sliders, export to portals, transfering of properties from other sites...

These requirements meant I had to develop solutions for my agents so I thought why not make them available to other developers/agents. JEA stuff was born. Togehter with its sister site Portal Blast