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Nivo Gallery Installation

The slider gallery is a replacement for the default gallery provided with JEA.

Before installing the slider gallery, the JEASTUFF Slider module must be installed.

To install the gallery you need to create a template override of the file default_gallery.php. To do this extract the file from the downloaded zip and place it in the following directory


If the directory does not already exist you will need to create it. For more information on template overrides see here

To change the Nivo slider template edit the default_gallery.php file and change the value of $theme (Line 9) to be one of default,light,dark or bar. 

To use the new slider gallery you need to ensure "Classical" is set as the gallery layout in Jea's property display options. To do this go to the JEA component in the backend. Select manage properties, click on the options icon, select the property display tab and set the gallery layout to "Classical".